“LiQberry” Blueberry Paste

blueberry paste

“LiQberry” blueberry paste is made according to Specifications U 15.3 – 24110704.003:2011 and includes 100% blueberries.

“LiQberry” paste is a multifunctional organic product made according to an innovation HTD-technology from blueberries.

Unique hydrodynamic technology (HTD-Technology) for processing of blueberries allows to break up blueberry seeds under high pressure using special cavitation modes and thus to extract contents of the seed into the paste without oxidation, to perform nano-milling of the peel and to enrich the product with pectins. All this highly improves intestinal uptake of the paste and also creates effect of 'circumfluence' of intestinal walls. HTD-technology allows to store blueberry paste for a long period of time without preservatives, sugar or water; preserve and increase all useful properties of blueberry.

LiQberry is a powerful natural anti-oxidizer, it activates immune system, displays prophylactic properties, increases human body resistance against viral respiratory infections and flu, normalizes hemoglobin

LiQberry blueberry paste:

  • helps against visual fatigability, myopia, dystrophic changes in retina and vitreous body, cataract and glaucoma
  • improves lipidic metabolism, prevents cellulite, stimulates weight loss and body cleansing
  • improves mental activity and memory
  • displays hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic properties, normalizes level of cholesterol
  • relieves pain during PMS and mastopathy
  • preserves cell membranes from damages, improves 'cell respiration'

shows regenerative properties, stimulates rejuvenation, moistens and and softens skin.

It is manufactured in one-liter bottles, its net weight being 1000±20 g.

Composition: 100% blueberries including contents of crushed seeds. “LiQberry” assimilation is greater than that of fresh blueberries.

Nutritive value: 44 kcal/100 g.

Shelf life:

  • not less than 1 year when in closed containers;
  • not less than 1 month at 2-4⁰C when opened.


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